The Word and Partners Law Firm Franchising

as Fast and Easy Way to Start Legal Business

The Word and Partners Law Firm offers lawyers and entrepreneurs from different cities/towns of Ukraine (excluding Kyiv), who want to start their business related to company registration and legal services, profitable cooperation on a franchise basis.

Franchisingis a system of relationship between business entities where one company (a franchiser) entitles the other company (a franchisee) to act on the market on its behalf by using its trademark and/or business name.

Afranchiseralsoentitlesafranchisee to use business management methods, know-how and other important commercial information developed, tried and testedby the first.

A franchising agreement essentially represents an agreement to rent a famous brand and effective business – a model that allows a franchisee not to reinvent the wheel but to avoid all errors and trials and start implementing business processes based on the tested methods provided by a franchiser.

Your franchising benefits are as follows:

By purchasing a franchise of The Word and Partners Law Firm, you also obtain all knowledge and technologies required for your business management. Thefranchisepackageincludes:

  • A well-thought-out design, which actually works and makes money
  • An adequate project
  • Optimal equipment selection
  • Effective service standards
  • Successful promotion and advertising

We offer:

  • Business in association with our firm that has been successfully providing legal services in Kyiv since 1998;
  • The right to use the registered trademark of The Word and Partners Law Firm and its successive business name when performing activities.

You receive:

  • any advice on business management for the director and (when needed) employees of the franchisee. The consultations are provided by the director and leading lawyers of The Word and Partners Law Firm.

What is it for?Such consultations explain you how our business is organised from inside, how our internal logistics are organised, how our employees cooperate.

  • the visit to one of our offices to get acquainted with the business in practice;
  • office software;
  • the package of the forms of agreements and other documents recommended for the work with clients;
  • the availability of The World and Partners trademark and corporate style;
  • theopportunity of posting the information on the franchisee on our website, and the domain;
  • permanent legal support within your business, legal aid when solving complicated problems, which may arise from your business and services rendered to your clients.

If your employees lack time or experience, our lawyers may alsoprepare for your clients documents required for registering legal entities and individual entrepreneurs, making changes to the Unified State Register of Legal Entities and Individual Entrepreneurs, reorganising or liquidating legal entities, as well as performing other registration and in-court representation actions. These services are extremely topical at the initial stage of your company – when it starts its activity on the market.

Requirements to partners (franchisees):

  • the registered legal entity (LLC as an optimal option) or an individual registered as an individual entrepreneur;
  • an office (a rented office of approx. 10 sq. m. for employees and clients is an optimal option at the initial stage);
  • higher legal education diploma obtained by the director of the legal entity, or an individual entrepreneur, or one of officially employed lawyers of the franchisee in one of three Ukrainian universities (the Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, National University ‘Odessa Law Academy’, the YaroslavMudryi National Law University);
  • at least two employees: a lawyer and a legal assistant or a courier (the director of the franchisee may perform duties of one of the employees at the initial stage).

Basic franchise parameters:

Market positioning:

  • legal services related to business registration (legal entities and individual entrepreneurs);
  • in-court representation of interests;
  • standard legal services for the Ukrainian and foreign citizens.

You may visit our website to see all services your company may provide as a franchisee in detail.

An approximate investment equals to UAH 40,000 – 100,000 *

* The amount is based on actual prices in Kyiv (it may be significantly less in other regions) and includes approximate expenses for the registration of a legal entity or an individual entrepreneur, the purchase of furniture and office supplies, office rental and a 2-month salary for one employee (a lawyer) (an organisationalperiod usually takes 2 months). The highest limit of the amount (UAH 100,000) includes advertising expenses; the lowest limit (UAH 40,000) includes free Internet advertisements.

The estimated payback period is 6 months or more.

Registering an individual entrepreneur or a limited liability company, renting an office and employing a lawyer are required before signing a franchising agreement. As mentioned above, the director of the franchisee may concurrently hold a position of a lawyer.

Relationship between our company and franchising partners are governed by an agreement; the sample agreement may be sent at the request. You may get additional information on our franchise by contacting our lawyers.

If you have decided to purchase the franchise of The World and Partners or you want to get more information, you may contact us in any way as you think appropriate.