In-court and out-of-court representation

Representing interest in court is one of the key areas of the activity on our firm. Our lawyers successfully represent clients in any court despite of in rem and territorial jurisdiction in such fields of law:

administrative law family law
economic law inheritance law
housing law insurance law
land law employment law
criminal law civil law
tax law other fields of law


Having analysed your situation, our lawyers will develop a successful strategy of court protection, prepare necessary documents and represent your interests in court at a high level.

The protection of interests in courts also depends on lawyer’s personal qualities, his/her confidence, self-discipline, punctuality, skills to express his/her thoughts accurately and clearly. Judges always like such behaviour as a human factor is present everywhere and representative’s personal qualities play quite an important role in a positive judgement. You should remember that the correct protection of your interests does not allow obscuring facts and dragging court hearings with no need.

In addition to in-court representation of interests, out lawyers provide services related to in-court representation. Such services include:

  • Analysis of a legal position and evidence;
  • Development of an interest protection approach;
  • Out-of-court settlement;
  • Preparation of proceeding documents;
  • Support in performing judgements.

If you visit our firm for legal aid, you will receive high-quality services and a positive result. An individual approach to your cases developed by our lawyers is a guarantee of a successful court judgement.