Lawyer services

The World and Partners Law Firm offers the professional protection of the infringed, unrecognised or contested rights, freedoms and legal interests of legal entities or individuals by lawyers who are real professionals. The extensive experience of our lawyers is a guarantee of the high-quality legal aid in different legal areas. The lawyers provide legal aid and represent clients’ interests in criminal, administrative, economic and civil cases, any courts, enterprises, institutions, organisations, state authorities and local governments. Nowadays, more and more people apply to lawyers for the qualified legal protection of their rights and interests.

List of Legal Services:

  • Providing legal advice relating to criminal and criminal procedural laws;
  • Ensuring legal aid for witnesses when witnessing in criminal proceedings and participation in other proceedings;
  • Protectingrights, freedoms and legal interests of the suspected, the accused, a defendant, a convict, the exculpated in criminal proceedings;
  • Representing and protecting victim’s interests in criminal proceedings;
  • Representing a civil claimant or a civil defendant in criminal proceedings;
  • Protecting rights, freedoms and legal interests of a party, to which compulsory measure of a medical or behavioral nature are supposed or are being considered to be applied in criminal proceedings;
  • Representing client’s interests in civil, economic and administrative cases and other state authorities;
  • Representing a client before individuals and legal entities;
  • Protecting rights, freedoms and legal interests of a party who has been brought to administrative responsibility within an administrative violation case;
  • Representing victim’s interests within an administrative violation case;
  • Providing legal information, advice and interpretations;
  • Filing claims, complaints and other documents of a legal nature aiming at exercising client’s rights, freedoms and legal interests, avoiding the infringement thereof as well as facilitating the infringed rights, freedoms and legal interests to be restored.

High-quality legal services are a guarantee of the protection of client’s legal rights and interests.