Legal advice

High-quality legal advice is the start for the effective legal aid.

Legal advice is the complex of actions of a professional lawyer aiming at providing the competent legal aid to legal entities and individuals by applying all their experience, skills and knowledge. As a rule, legal advice is provided in the form of the discussion between a lawyer and a client where the client tells about his/her problem and the lawyer offers all and any possible solutions of such a problem.

Legal advice can be oral and written.

The case briefed by the client to the lawyer depends on the lawyer’s professional knowledge and skills. The lawyers of our firm bear hear responsibility to their clients, proceed exclusively from the client’s interests within their professional activity and do their best to achieve success when settling the case.

Oral legal advice. When providing oral legal advice, the lawyer describes the client all possible ways of how to settle the legal problem in detail and answers the client’s questions arising from the legal advice.

Written legal advice. Legal advice in writing is provided in the form of a legal opinion, in other words, the detailed interpretation of the effective laws and options of how to apply these laws to settle the dispute in the most efficient ways

We provide legal advice in:

  • economic
  • corporate
  • family
  • inheritance
  • employment
  • land
  • housing cases and etc.

Civil casesCivil cases imply legal relationship arising between individuals or an individual and a legal entity, Civil relations usually arise based on an agreement (a sale and purchase agreement, an exchange agreement, a bank account agreement, a gift agreement and etc.); however, the basis for the civil relationship may also include other legal facts (childbirth, property or moral damage, an artistic work and others). In other words, almost each action in your everyday life may be a subject of the civil law (travel by public transport, purchase of clothing or any other goods, use of bank services and etc.). This means that a lot of disputes may arise between people who – if a person is interested in protecting his/her rights and interests – will require high-quality legal aid in any form (advice, representation, filing documents and etc.) in future. Civil law is one of the key areas of the activities in our firm. Therefore, we recommend you to visit our firm.

Economic cases. Our lawyers may provide the competent legal advice and file – when required – all necessary procedural documents relating to collecting debts, signing, fulfilling and terminating commercial agreements, any corporate cases, bankruptcy cases, appealing against judgements (resolutions, decisions) of economic courts under the appeal or cassation procedure, performing orders of economic courts as well as settling other issues.

Family cases. Terminating a marriage (divorce), collecting alimonies for children, depriving of parental rights, adoption, drafting alimony agreements and child residence agreements and others.

Inheritance cases. Opening inheritance, heir lines, defining an inheritance procedure, dividing the inherited property, renewing heritage acceptance periods, depriving of inheritance rights and others.

Housing cases. Housing law requires that lawyers have exclusive professional skills and practice. This category of cases is of the increased complexity as family members, a former husband or a former wife, friends and etc. often are the parties to such cases.

Employment cases. Taking into account the practice, we know that the effective employment laws are often violated, and there are a lot of mistakes made by an employer when employing or dismissing employees, paying salaries and others. The experience we have obtained within our practice allows us to successfully settle problems relating to employment relationship and provide the competent legal advice.