Permit procurement


Period (days)
Agricultural chemicals (usage, fumigation) 25
Agricultural chemicalsand pesticides (trading) 30
Alcohol and tobacco (trading) 15
Construction 35
Veterinary practice 25
Secondary raw materials (collection, processing) 35
Medical practice 35
Medications (trading, pharmacy) 35
Scrap metal (collection, trading) 25
Security business 35
Passenger transportation (taxi) 25
Employment abroad 35
Tourism (tour operator business) 15
Other licences



Period (days)
Commencement of hazardous works 30
Ministry of Emergency Situations 14
Sanitary and Epidemiological Service 14


Trade Permits:

Period (days)
Trade patent receipt 10
Cash register registration 10


Permits for Foreigners:

Period (days)
Employment permit 10
Taxpayer identification number 7
Invitation letter to Ukraine 15